Slime Care Guide

how do i know if my slime is hard, sticky or just right? to test out the consistency of your slime, first make sure to do a poke test. before playing with your slime, you’re going to want to poke it with 1-2 fingers. at that point, you’ll know whether it’s good enough for full on slime play

slime is too hard/rough? if your slime is too rough or hard there are a few steps you can take to combat that depending on the texture of your slime that is. if the base is wood glue based or white glue based(butters included), you can add lotion(any type will work).  make sure to knead as well just to work it in. another thing to do, would be to add glycerin. glycerin can also be used in clear based slimes if the slime in question is too hard/rough. one other step would be to sit it out(with the cap on) in a warm location. ie: outside(only if it’s sunny out), in front of a heater, etc.

slime is too sticky/underactivated ? if your slime is too sticky or underactivated, do not freak out! it happens especially in warmer temps and can happen from shipping(prolonged heat/travel). rest assured each order comes with borax! yes! it’s labeled so you’ll know! borax becomes an activator and the activator makes the slime more holdable and enjoyable. if you have sensitive skin, use contact lens solution or even baking soda(the same measurements from the borax activator will work). the key is to knead knead knead and go little by little or else it’ll become overactivated/hard/tough. 
another simple trick would be to place your slime in the fridge or any cold place for 5-10 minutes(or however long you’d like) it always works like a charm! 


Mix 1/2 cup warm water to 1/4 tsp borax powder. Mix until borax powder is dissolved and add to slime little by little while kneading until you reach your desired consistency!

you can also make a stronger activator. i typically use stronger activators. if you choose to do so as well, make sure the water to borax ratio is like 1:3!

where should i play with my slime? make sure that when you play with your slime, your space is completely free of debris and the surf race is smooth. slime does not like carpet, clothes or paper so be sure to stay away from areas such as those!

what do i do if slime falls onto my carpet or touches my clothes?! should slime fall onto your carpet, don’t freak! it happens to the best of us! it can easily be remedied by warm water and vinegar. sometimes letting the vinegar sit will help it all the more. with clothing, slime actually just washes right off(especially with warm/hot water)